Young people face numerous challenges in today’s high pressure world. Our goal is to provide them with a strong foundation in meditation and mindfulness practices so they remain grounded, stay connected to their hearts and compassionate in their actions. 

Youth CLASSES (ages 11-18)

Private Youth Groups are welcome at Soulpace. Available to School Teachers, Adjustment Counselors, and Therapists. Up to 25 teachers/students for 60-90 min meditation sessions at Soulspace with a Soulspace teacher. Contact us for details.

Workshops, Seminars, Presentations

Please check the workshop schedule for upcoming Youth Workshops. Upon request, we offer Soulspace Meditation Programs at Schools and Youth Centers. Contact us at for more information.

College Student Discounts (ages 18-23)

We offer a 20% discount on our regular adult membership pricing. Must sign up in person at the studio. Please show us your ID.