"If we make space for contemplation and meditation, then peace and joy are always available to us." — Thich Nhat Hanh



Meditation is a way to discern what is important and wake up to life in a purposeful and joyful way.  It allows you to meet your life with ease and grace. It is a progressive quieting of the mind and the entrance into the spacious, peaceful, inner calm of the soul.

At Soulspace, we teach the skills that help you strengthen and center the mind-body bridge to support your best life, your best work, your best relationships.  There is a part of you that is always there…steady, still and constant. It’s that part of you that we call the space of your soul.  Our classes give you time to step out of the daily buzz and into that space.  This is your opportunity to turn off your cell phone. A time to pause, to be still, and to listen within.  

Benefits of Meditation

Stress reduction
move from surviving to thriving with more mental clarity and energy

Body in balance
achieve real physical benefits – heart rate and blood pressure regulate, inflammation decreases, digestion stabilizes

Sleep improves
energy and vitality increase

Whole health
body, mind and spirit come into balance yielding health and wellbeing

Peace of mind
life’s ups and downs are easier to handle

Benefits of meditation

Emotional health
access healthier responses and less reaction to strong emotions

Life & relationships improve
more conscious choice making, better relationships, more compassion and understanding

Mental clarity
more mental bandwidth, creativity expands, ability to focus improves

Connection grows
within and with others


You’ll feel the benefits of meditation right away, even in your first class.