Corporate meditation and wellness for employees

The pace of modern business keeps us highly stimulated and often overwhelms an unsettled mind. Employees and employers alike need a way to handle the massive amounts of information and experiences they manage daily. Regular meditation supports clarity of mind, and gives us greater awareness of our thoughts, emotions and actions. 

Meditation leads to more peaceful, empowering and productive states of being, business interactions and communications.

Our corporate team has decades of corporate experience and some continue to work in the corporate world. We understand the time constraints, and mental and physical demands on today’s employers and employees.  


Meditation can benefit employees and the businesses they work for through:

Employee benefit of meditation and wellness
  • Decreased stress and its damaging side effects: inflammation, sleep deprivation and illness

  • Better sleep, more energy and increased productivity

  • Increased focus and smarter decision making

  • Enhanced employee morale and contentment

  • Improved immune system function and fewer absences

  • Better interpersonal skills

  • Alternative coping skills

  • Access to out-of-the-box thinking and creativity


We offer a variety of programs on-site at your place of business, employee memberships, workshops, seminars and customized options. One of the best ways to effect change within an organization is through our employee membership programs. Contact us at to tell us your wellness objectives and needs. We can provide you with custom options plus an overview of how we work with companies of all types and sizes.