Soulspace is more than one person, one class, one teacher, one location. We are a community of kindness. We exist because of every soul that walks in the door. We welcome everyone and we support our community in their times of joy and when they need some peace of mind or to lift a heavy heart. Everyone is welcomed in our serene space AND we go out into the community at schools and businesses. We even take our classes outside into nature!

There are many ways to participate in our community through classes, special workshops, trainings, retreats and programs. We exist to support the health, wellbeing and peace of mind of our every member of our community. Join our growing community, take a class, sit with us, share with us, smile with us.

My experience with the Soulspace Mind-Body Detox was phenomenal. I can say it is a game changer. The food is very easy to digest and you are able to eliminate toxins from your body. I loved every aspect of it including the educational parts. It changed my life — body, mind and spirit.
— Stevenson R.
My husband and I treated ourselves to a SoulSpace Chill class for an impromptu date night. It was wonderful! We let in a much more centered state of mind to begin our evening together. We would be highly recommend. I was very pleasantly surprised by the calm, minimalist space.
— Monica M.
Soulspace is a wonderful meditation studio. Sue and her team of teachers are skilled and knowledgeable. The studio is truly unique to the area, making meditation accessible. Anyone can meditate, if you want to start or looking for a place to practice, Soulspace is the place to be. Come and find your inner peace. Soulspace has many different class offerings, my favorite is VIBES with sound bowls.
— Gigi K.
I am fairly new to meditation and this is the best class I’ve taken since I started 6 weeks ago. It is the ideal amount of guidance through the breathing. Karen is a wonderful teacher and I came away from this class feeling like I had the first really successful meditation experience.
— Debi L.
When you open the door to SoulSpace, you enter an oasis of peace and quiet beauty. Sue is warm and welcoming, and takes the time to connect with everyone who enters her studio. The entire staff is wonderful! Friday night, I attended Sue’s Vibes meditation class and loved the experience. For me, the class was like an intermission after a stressful work week and before a busy weekend— a space to pause and take a breath and just be. The sounds of the singing bowls were beautiful and the tones left me feeling centered, balanced and at peace. Whether you’re new to meditation or looking to deepen your practice, SoulSpace is the perfect place for you.
— Lori C.
I had a beyond wonderful experience at the Gratitude Workshop tonight lead by Anita. SoulSpace is a beautiful, comforting space offering warmth fueled by good hearted people. I made connections, enjoyed a bit of relaxation and took away some new tools for self growth. A must visit!!
— Suzanne A.
Great space! It is a wonderful way to start my day.
— Christine S.
The space is beautiful, relaxing - pure serenity. The meditation teacher was simple amazing and guided us into a peaceful bliss. I would most definitely recommend this studio.
— Michelle G.
This evening was my first time at SoulSpace. The studio is lovely and has a calm and welcoming ambiance. I will be going back for meditation and classes and would highly recommend this studio.
— Frances A.