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All classes are led by our skilled instructors. We begin seated in a chair or on a cushion, your choice. Centering and gentle breathing ground the body and soothe the mind. You are guided into the meditation by the instructor into a period of silence. As the class ends, the instructor gently guides you out of meditation.

Each class type focuses on a specific approach to deepen your connection within. Try them all to find the class or combination of classes that are best for you. All classes are accessible and appropriate for both new and experienced meditators.

BREATH — Attention on the breath gently invites you into restful stillness. Meditation on the breath is a direct path to the present moment. 

MANTRA – Silent mantra (repeating words in Sanskrit) is offered as an anchor to your meditation practice.   Based on Deepak Chopra’s Primordial Sound Meditation method, the instructor guides you through mantra and intention practices drawn from ancient wisdom traditions.

CHILL — This class takes place on a cushioned mat where you are invited to recline and let stress and anxiety melt away into an experience of light stretching, essential oils, breathwork, body scan relaxation meditation and inspirational guidance. Candlelight, blankets and eye pillows allow you move into deep relaxatIon while your senses are soothed with relaxing music and essential oils.  This class supports deep rest and relaxation as you are guided into a full body scan, and given time in stillness. CHILL class leaves you well-rested, in a state of calm balance and lightness of being -- a 'must try' experience!

VIBES — Sound is used to deepen your experience.  Listen to soft music or a crystal bowl sound bath to expand consciousness and deepen relaxation.

NATURE — Meditation in nature deepens our connection to the greater world.  This class takes place outdoors with one of our instructors who will guide you on a hike or walk in a local natural setting.  Instruction plus some silent walking are parts of the experience. This class is included in all memberships and available for 'drop in'.  It is scheduled based on the weather so please always check the website for availability and updates.

BEGINNER’S MIND — This class begins with a short introduction to meditation talk and proceeds into the meditation practice under the guidance of an instructor. While all classes are appropriate for beginners, this class provides information for newer students and a refresher for experienced students. The instructor stays 15 minutes after class to answer any questions.